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 Develop your Trading & Investments knowledge with the beginners course into Investments & Trading

This course is designed to give our students an insight into investments & the economic playing field in which banks and large financial institutions operate down into different asset classes. Also a brief insight into the mechanics of trading retail & institutional markets.

Fully Sponsored course for students subject to application process*


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Course Breakdown

course breakdown

 bullet point   Module 1 : Introduction to Finance

bullet point   Module 2 : Types of Financial Assets

bullet point   Module 3 : Trading Equities

bullet point   Module 4 : Trading Fixed Income

bullet point   Module 5 : Investing in a Fund

bullet point   Module 6 : Personal Finance

Trading Outline

bullet point   Module 7 : A brief guide to Stock Market Investing

bullet point   Module 8 : Intro to Financial Markets trading & FX Markets – How it all works?

bullet point   Module 9 : An insight into how the financial markets can be traded

bullet point   Module 10 : Brief look into Fundamental & Technical analysis

bullet point   Module 11 : Brokers 101 (Choosing your broker)

More about the course

This course will be an in-house lecture. Throughout the progression of this course we will be handing out condensed lecture notes and also provide all students with extensive reading material to build your knowledge around all topics. As this is a Beginners Course we will not be going into complete details into everything. This course is mainly for individuals who want to build their knowledge in finance by taking a step forward. This course is designed to be your step forward.

The materials we provide are designed to help you continue your path during and after the course. Our academic team will provide continued support throughout the duration of the course via email support.

Duration of in-house lectures

In-house lectures will be held during academic holidays in each year as intensive day program or during term time as evening sessions. We will be holding sessions throughout the year at different University campus’ and at Tower 42:

Upcoming Programme Dates

bullet point   Our next Beginners Course will be running in October 2018:

First Cohort – Evening Course from 6:30pm to 8:30pm (Thursday 18th October 2018 at King’s College London, Waterloo Campus)

* Both programmes are free for students subject to an application process



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Why choose this programme?

  • This programme has been exclusively developed by TRINTEL academics
  • This is financial education in Trading & Investments, in a dynamic, innovative and engaging way
  • We have developed this programme to provide our students with the knowledge needed to be comfortable navigating their way through the financial markets
  • Expertly designed to provide first class interaction

Application Process

  • We have included this process to ensure students are committed to attend our free Beginners Course as there are only limited spaces.
  • After normal registration via the TRINTEL registration an email will be sent requesting your CV
  • CV Review the a brief phone call to judge your interest in being a part of our network
  • Email to confirm if you have been fast-tracked onto our upcoming cohort
  • Unsuccessful candidates will be placed in a waiting list an invited to following courses

get started beginners course link

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The TRINTEL Beginners Course has reached more than a 100 different students at different Universities in the UK