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TRINTEL Online Tutors has been created for students to access high quality tutoring services from anywhere in the world.

We offer personally-tailored lessons from exceptional tutors in a one-on-one setting. Our tutors are highly qualified in the area of Mathematics, with capacity to tutor students in the following areas:

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What we Do

We support students during their studies at various levels of education with flexible tutoring sessions. Our online one-to-one tutoring service allows students to ask questions, highlight areas they do not understand and ask for a more detailed breakdown.

After each lesson students are provided with detailed written notes of the lesson and are provided with ongoing support to understand each tutorial session. The use of high quality software allows us to deliver the highest quality online education for students.

Take a look at a preview of our online one-to-one sessions below:

How it works

Online Form

 Once you have filled out the online form, a member of our team will contact you back via email as soon as possible.


We will then work with you to understand what exactly you would like to work on and the topic/questions you need support with. Then we will create an initial schedule for lessons to take place online.

There is no minimum number of lessons and invoice for payment will be sent 24 hours after each lesson. The rate agreed during initial consultation will be the rate you will be invoiced.


After your first lesson is scheduled, your tutor will prepare an individualised learning plan to help you reach your goals. Every lesson will be tailored to your needs and areas you have highlighted you need support with.