Intermediate Course Student Success

October 2017

PujaWe selected one student from our Beginners Course for a scholarship on our Intermediate Course at the London Stock Exchange. Puja Gurung, a Post-Graduate Mathematics Student at King’s College London showed great interest for the financial markets and a student we believe will do very well in the future.

Puja went on our one week Institutional Trader Programme at the London Stock Exchange and enjoyed her time there, whilst balancing her University work. After receiving the support of Institutional Lecturers such as Trevor Neil MSTA and Alan Burr Chartered FCSI, Puja went onto successfully passing her CISI Level 3 Qualification.

We look forward to hearing more from Puja in the future as she embarks on a journey into the financial world at her graduate role in EY.

TRINTEL Beginners Course 2017

September 2017

Beginners Course 5Following the launch of TRINTEL we have worked hard to develop an in-house Beginners Course to help students understand a bit more about the financial markets. Our first ever Beginner Course was held at King’s College London with attendance of 30 students. This two-day evening course was a perfect opportunity to discuss the financial markets, going through the different modules in detail and engaging in group discussions. We had amazing feedback from the students with 100% of reviews saying they would refer another student.

We selected one lucky student, Puja Gurung, for a fully paid scholarship on our one week Institutional Trader Programme at the London Stock Exchange. This one week programme was provided by our partners Knightsbridge Trading Academy.

As a team we look forward to holding more Beginners Courses at King’s College London, helping students move onto our Online Intermediate Course.

Beginners Course 7

Official Launch & Networking Event at Tower 42 London

25th August, 2017


TRINTEL is officially moving forward, providing the very best financial education for all our students at high school, college and university. We successfully launched the startup on 25th August, where Founder Emmanuel Akanbi & Co-Founder Saif Zamal held an hour long presentation explaining the structure of the business, our partners and also the future of the company. This was then followed by a networking session which allowed young students to engage with the TRINTEL Team & Alumni personally. Find more pictures of our launch event on our social media platforms.

networking 7

With a strong focus on educating students and creating a platform for networking and building relationships with successful interns, TRINTEL will continue to drive the financial education industry for students forward. Our vision is to build a network of financially educated students with great aspirations to become future leaders in industry.


The best financial education chosen by students for students.

TRINTEL presents Institutional Level course at Regents Finance & Investments Association

28th March, 2017

We hold regular events at different university societies which are designed to provide students with an insight into how we operate at TRINTEL. We help you understand what a career in Investment banking and Trading takes and also how we can help you achieve your personal and professional objectives through the financial markets. This is an opportunity to introduce students to our team of academics and also network.

At Regent’s University we presented the importance of investments and also introducing them to our Institutional Level course provided by Knightsbridge Trading Academy.

Regent’s University event

An introduction into Securities & Investments, looking at how derivatives, bonds and equities work. This lecture was presented by Directors of TRINTEL Emmanuel Akanbi and Saif Zamal with guest speaker, the Director of Knightsbridge Trading Academy.

We look forward to working with Regent’s University in the future and building a very good relationship whilst providing them with the very best financial education.