TRINTEL provides a number of financial programmes available for all our students and everybody who is interested in a career in finance. These programmes are available for anyone who is looking to increase their knowledge in finance or pursue a career in Trading & Investments.

In-house lecture courses & Online lecture courses 

educationOur in-house lecture courses are provided in lecture rooms at various locations in the UK. This provides our students with one-to-one interaction with our lecturers, the ability to ask questions and get instant help. All in-house lectures come with a course package that students can keep.

Programme iconOur online lecture courses have been developed by the London Stock Exchange & Knightsbridge Trading Academy who we have partnered with to provide this package. This course still comes with full help desk and online support with your tutor or our team.

Our courses are designed to provide an insight into investments & the economic playing field in which banks and large financial institutions operate down into different asset classes and developing a brief understanding of how large investment vehicles operate.

The core of our programmes revolves around knowledge and network, so with every course that our students purchase you will automatically become a part of our new and growing TRINTEL Network.