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 Personalise financial education for your society or organisation today

At TRINTEL one of our main focus is on developing the education provided to university organisations. We focus mainly on financial related societies and groups, working with you to provide high quality education for all your members.

The content of the program will be based on areas specified by your organisation. Our job is to take this specification and design a course that meets all your needs.

Course Breakdown

course breakdown

bullet point    Fill in specification form 

bullet point    Programme Customised

bullet point   Series of in-house lectures divided into modules

bullet point    Customised condensed lecture programme notes and additional reading materials

Course Outcome

bullet point    The Customised Trading & Investments Programme is an amazing opportunity for your society and organisation to create a syllabus that matches your aims. All members are provided with quality education from one of our experienced lecturers.

bullet point   One-to-one interaction will create a more engaged atmosphere. In addition, all participants of the customised course will be given access to our exclusive TRINTEL Network which is continually growing with industry professionals and aspiring interns.

bullet point   TRINTEL education is dynamic and innovative. Our lectures are created to create a more friendly environment whilst also engaging all students continually.

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