5th - 6th Beginenrs Course 2

Chart presentationTRINTEL is a financial education provider and networking platform accessible to students who are looking to further their career into finance.

We provide financial knowledge and a diverse network, connecting young students from sixth form level all the way to postgraduate level, with successful investment banking interns and industry professionals.


Our Values

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At TRINTEL we value the importance of integrity and transparency, therefore we aim to maintain clear communication with all our clients and students, and explain what our aim is at all times.

Our aim is to bring students from different cultural and professional backgrounds to excel in the understanding behind the financial sector and investments, be it in short term technical trading or long term value investing.

Our Core Focus

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We are committed to promoting two main ideas, knowledge and network. We understand that knowledge and network are a few of the most important assets we possess.

The idea is that knowledge provides individuals with more intellectual power and your network being the essence of your net worth, connects you with influential individuals. We shall strive to increase both assets, consequently increasing the value of our monetary assets.

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